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NAME - Chris Forsberg
AGE - 35
HEIGHT - 6'1"
WEIGHT - 170
NICKNAME - The Force
HOMETOWN - Doylestown, PA
RESIDENCE - Fountain Valley, CA
OCCUPATION - Owner / Driver for CFR

Chris Forsberg is one of the very few "Ironmen" of Formula DRIFT attending every round since 2004. In it's inaugural year, Chris finished the year with 2 out of 4 podiums and 2nd Place in the Championship. In 2007, Chris started his own team, Chris Forsberg Racing. His greatest achievement came in 2009 when he earned the title of 2009 Formula DRIFT Champion as well as Triple Crown Champion. Chris followed up his success from 2009 with a second Formula DRIFT championship in 2014 and third in 2016. Chris is the only driver to win 3 Formula DRIFT championships and the ONLY driver to have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finish in the championship standings to his credit.

It started in the late summer of 2014. Chris called and pitched us an idea for a twin turbo Nissan 370z project car featured in Drift Garage Season 2. The plan was to show the world how to convert your clean & classy street machine into a sleek & sexy drifting machine. All of us at Fast Intentions were super excited. After a few back and forth phone calls and watching Chris lock up the 2014 Formula D championship live at Irwindale, our involvement in this project was a no brainier. Chris and his team of bad asses over at MA Motorsports knocked the Drift Garage Season 2 series out of the park. With a clean install and solid tuning by Carl Martinez the project car produced 650 rear wheel horsepower with our Stage II TT system and supporting mods. What makes it all that more impressive is that this was done on the stock engine. Netting an increase of 365 horsepower over the factory output. After Drift Garage Season 2 & the 2015 Formula D season wrapped, it became time for phase II. A complete teardown and rebuild to become a replica of his championship winning Formula D drift monster with one twist. Unlike his racecar which features a high compression robust Nissan Titan VK56 engine & 200 shot of nitrous, this time he would keep the stock Nissan power plant intact. Featuring a Brian Crower 4.1L Stroker Kit, high compression for that E85 fuel, Jim Wolf Camshafts, and our Stage II Twin Turbo System featuring the Xona Rotor 49.48 "HTZ-2868" billet wheel turbochargers w/TiAL ALPHA Compressor Covers & V-band Exhaust Turbine Housings. This setup should put out a cool 800-850 rear wheel horsepower. This car should be a real treat to see as Chris his team make their worldwide exhibition tour with this incredible machine.

In the spring of 2015 Chris and team crew member Steve Angerman carved time out of their busy schedules to make the long haul and attend ZdayZ. Chris did not disappoint...from the moment he rolled in to the grounds with his giant NOS Energy/Hankook Tire Renegade Toterhome, to putting on a drifting exhibition on a sketchy road, to just hanging with the fans for the weekend, he really left a lasting impression as a professional and just one of the guys.

Fast Intentions Inc, Chris Forsberg Racing & MA Motorsports have formed a great relationship. MA Motorsports has become our Baltimore area certified installer. We look forward to many years of continued success for Chris and his team and look forward to being present to more history being made.

  • TEAM NAME - Chris Forsberg Racing
  • CREW MEMBERS- Chris Forsberg, Brian Wilkerson, Dylan Hughes, Ray Shake, Carl Hernandez
  • CAR TITLE- NOS Energy Drink Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z
  • ENGINE- Fast Intentions Stage II Twin Turbo Kit: Xona Rotor 49.48 "HTZ-2868" billet wheel Turbochargers w/TiAL ALPHA Compressor Covers & V-band Exhaust Turbine Housings, TiAL MV-S Wastegates, Fast Intentions Front Mount Intercooler with TiAL Q 50mm BOV's, Brian Crower 4.1L Stroker Kit with JE Pistons and Jim Wolf Camshafts, Mishimoto Rear Mounted Dual Pass Radiator with 12" High Flow Fans, Fast Intentions Oil Filter Relocation Kit with Mishimoto 25 Row Oil Cooler with 10" High Flow Fan, Meziere WP336S Electric Water Pump, Bosch 1000cc Injectors, XRP ProPlus Race Hoses
  • HORSEPOWER- 800rwhp
  • TUNING - AEM Infiniti
  • DRIVETRAIN -Nissan 6speed Transmission with ACT Triple Plate Clutch and Custom External Slave Conversion, Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft and Pro Level Axles, Solid Rear Differential with 4.3 Final Drive
  • EXHAUST- Fast Intentions Custom Dual T-304 Stainless 3" Turbo Back Exhaust with Turndowns and External Wastegate Dumps
  • WHEELS - Front: SSR SP4 19x9.5 / Rear: SSR SP4 20x10.5
  • TIRES - Front: Hankook 245/40/19 Ventus RS3 / Rear: Hankook 285/35/20 Ventus RS3
  • BRAKES- Wilwood Adjustable Dual Pedals, Wilwood proportioning valve, custom stainless brake lines. Front: Wilwood DynoPro 6 Piston Calipers with 13" Drilled Steel Dynamic Mount Rotors w/ ASD Billet Aluminum Rotor Hats and Caliper Brackets. Rear: Wilwood DynoPro 4 Piston Calipers with 13" Drilled Steel Dynamic Mount Rotors, w/ ASD Billet Aluminum Rotor Hats, Caliper Brackets, and Pull Back Handbrake.
  • SUSPENSION - Suspension Techniques 3-way Competition Coilovers and Sway Bars. Front: Voodoo13 x CFR Angle Kit (Billet Steering Spindle, Billet Upper Control Arm, Steel Lower Control Arm, and Billet Tension Arm) Rear: Voodoo13 Toe and Camber Arms
  • CHASSIS- MA-Motorsports Roll Cage with X-Door Bars, Anti Intrusion Firewall Bars, Aluminum Rear Bumper Bars, and Mid-mounted Removable Firewall, Recaro Pro Racer Hans SPA Kevlar Racing Seats, Recaro Aluminum Side Brackets, Takata 6-Point Hans Safety Harnesses, Carbon Switch Panel, Fuel Safe 10 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Cell with Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank and AEM High Flow Fuel Pumps
  • EXTERIOR - Nismo 2015 Front and Rear Bumpers, Seibon Carbon Hood, Doors, Hatch, A-Pillars, and B-Pillars, Carbon Signal Front Lip, Front Fenders, Sideskirts, and Spoiler, CFR Carbon Roof and Rear Quarter Panels
  • SHOPS INVOLVED - MA-Motorsports, Fast Intentions, Forged Performance
  • SPONSORS - NOS Energy Drink, Hankook Tires, Fast Intentions, Champion, Nissan, AEM Filtration, Voodoo13, Valvoline, Takata, Clarion, Mishimoto, ACT Clutch, SSR Wheels, The Driveshaft Shop, Seibon Carbon, ST Suspension, BASF, Carbon Signal, Wilwood, Alpinestars, Recaro, Hoonigan, Forged Performance, VP Racing Fuels, AHM Performance, Jim Wolf Technology, NOS, V-LED's, GoPro, Sam's Auto Land