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About FI

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Fabrication • Welding • Repair • Removal and Replacement of Existing Parts

Our dedicated workforce is made up of experienced innovators. With our technical skill level and imagination we are constantly raising the bar in our industry. All of our production exhaust systems as well as our custom work is fabricated on site. By keeping everything on site is the only way to ensure impeccable quality. When products are out sourced the quality control drops.

Knowledge, integrity and accountability is the backbone of our company. Standing behind those three will ensure you superior customer service and quality that is second to none. Our motto is: "Where the impossible is possible"

Why Fast Intentions?
Real simple- If you value craftsmanship and your money you will want it done right the first time. We go over every aspect of your investment with you weather it be over the phone or in person. Customer satisfaction is the #1 goal at Fast Intentions Inc. The only way to achieve that is to:

  • Have impeccable service from the beginning, during and after you have received your product.

  • Build a sound reliable quality product.
  • Always being fair with our pricing. We work with our customers budget.