About FI

  • Co-founders Dan Akre & Tony Meyerson met at a car meet and connected over their passion for modifying cars
  • Dan & Tony turned their hobby into a career. Working as contracted welders for a local high-performance exhaust and fabrication shop.
  • Dan & Tony co-founded Fast Intentions, Inc. A three man show with its beginnings in a 2,500 sq ft. facility, offering custom exhaust fabrication & production exhaust systems.
  • Fast Intentions, Inc. expanded to a team of four and moved to our current 8,500 sq ft. facility.
  • A team of 10: Sales, marketing, R&D, exhaust fabrication/production, shipping and support. To this day we manufacture all of our exhaust systems in house. Throughout our progression we’ve, purchased equipment to create efficiency and expand into machining.

The Process

Our mission from day 1 has been to provide our clients with the highest quality products and customer service that is second to none:

Keeping it stateside. Most of our suppliers are U.S based and we strive to utilize as much American raw material as possible. This helps us create finished products that will withstand the elements and last the test of time. Our product success rate is above 98% at 3 years post-production


Our team is knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. We value your business and care about your investment. Our objective is to guide you to the options which is best for your build, based on the information you provide us. We strive to provide overall service that is second to none.


  1. Whether it’s over the phone, or through our website, our ordering process is straight-forward. Clear, informative and painless.


  1. Your order has made it to the top of our build queue. Our production team reviews your order in our weekly meeting: options, specs and any special notes. The prep team sends your order to our cutting department.


  1. The prep team inputs your order cut lengths into our CNC band saw. Precise cuts are made to ensure the next steps in the production process flow smooth. This process is more efficient than portable band saws, or chops saws and reduces waste, which keeps the production cost down.


  1. The bender team inputs your order cut lengths, bends rotations and distances into our NC benders. This team member bends your entire order from start to finish without interruption, to ensure accuracy for fixture fitment.


  1. All components are final prepped, assembled and welded by our fabrication department. Tubing cutters, assemblers and welders all play a hand in creating our products.


  1. Each component built is inspected throughout the build process. At initial assembly, mid-build and product completion. Final inspection once received by our shipping department.


  1. Our shipping department is the last line of defense. Each completed product is handled, wrapped and packaged with the utmost care, to ensure it arrives to its destination in perfect condition.
Core Values

Our Foundation






Fast Intentions Careers




I had my first experience with Fast Intentions back in 2013 when I was looking for an exhaust for my 2009 370Z. After reading multiple MULTIPLE reviews about their product on Facebook and the370z.com I gave them a call. Super knowledgeable, super easy to talk to, made the whole process quick and easy. The wait time was scheduled to be a bit long but I’m a patient man so I didn’t mind. I got a call 2 weeks before my exhaust was supposed to be done. Tony, the owner called me personally to inform me that there had been some very slight damage on one of the carbon fiber mufflers and rather than trying to fix it he was going to make a whole new piece. The commitment he had to perfection and customer service really impressed me. Once I got the exhaust (only 4-5 days later than expected) I was blown away at the quality and the beauty. A friend of mine who owns a welding shop actually said they were some of the best welds he’d ever seen.

Once installed the car sounded great, just what I was looking for. The gains were right on point and the exhaust held up through years of abuse from me, so when I got rid of the 370Z and got a Q60 the choice was clear. I called them up and talked to Kevin and they got my downpipes and exhaust out in record time. Once again the car sounded amazing and the gains were awesome.

I’ve been modding Nissans and Infinitis for 10 years now and Fast Intentions is one of if not THE BEST products on the market. If you’re looking for looks, quality of build, and the best customer service out there, look no further than Fast Intentions!


Gotta love Fast Intentions!

I’ve been doing business with FI since 2009 and it’s always been a solid experience. From multiple exhaust systems, twin turbo kit for the Z, trips to ZDayZ, FI Gear and more. Look forward to more in the future as they dip their toes into the off-road world!

Blake R

Great team behind a great product

I recently got a 2021 Bronco and it’s my first car that I’m doing mods to! I was excited to hear great things about Fast Intentions on the 6G forums so when I was able to get their axle back exhaust installed I was the first in line. I also got their door sill covers installed. If you’re local I recommend checking out their shop to see how awesome their operation is. Otherwise, see how they pack their products in house to ensure top quality.

Tess R

I am a Canadian resident

I am a Canadian resident and my first time purchasing through fast intentions and their new website.
I spoke to tony a couple times over the phone which he was very helpful and patient with every question I had.
Overall I am extremely pleased with the customer service and the website had a great free flowing format with no confusion on my end.
If anyone is considering ordering from fast intentions I would highly recommend!

Jordan H.